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New Gluten Free Organic Puffed Corn Cereal to launch in January

22 Dec, 2014

KELLOGG’S is diversifying its supermarket footprint next month by making its first move into the ‘free from’ aisle.

The launch of the cereal giant’s Gluten Free Organic Puffed Corn Cereal comes in the wake of booming consumer demand for gluten-free products from leading brands.

The product, a crispy whole puffed corn cereal with a touch of natural sweetness, will retail at £2.79 for 300g and will be supported as part of the company’s £7m Kellogg’s Masterbrand campaign in 2015.

Research by Kantar and Mintel* shows that the ‘free-from’ market is now worth £355m a year in the UK, up from £174m five years ago, and growing at 20 per cent annually. Fifty-five per cent of people now buy at least one ‘free-from’ product.

Lactose-free, dairy-free and nut-free are all part of the ‘free from’ category, but gluten-free has the largest share, with annual sales of £232m.

Puffed Corn Cereal will be available in major retailers in the ‘free from’ aisle after Kellogg’s research revealed that’s where shoppers would expect to find it rather than the cereal aisle. Kellogg’s said it is initially looking to build credibility with loyal, frequent gluten-free shoppers.

A Kellogg’s spokesperson added: “Shoppers have been crying out for a gluten-free cereal from Kellogg’s, and our new Puffed Corn Cereal gives us and our retail partners a brilliant opportunity to grow the ‘free from’ category.

“The breakfast gluten-free market is worth £32m** and growing at 31 per cent annually. Even more promising is the cereal gluten free market, worth £15m and increasing 41 per cent.

“More and more shoppers want to make healthy choices, but most gluten free products are manufactured by unfamiliar brands they’re not sure they can trust. Consumers want established, iconic brands they know and love such as Kellogg’s in the free from aisle to gives them confidence that what they’re buying is quality and will taste great.”

Despite only one per cent of the population diagnosed as coeliac, nine per cent of the UK population buys gluten-free.

Some five per cent of people avoid gluten as part of a healthy lifestyle, while four per cent of people have gone gluten free as a result of having an intolerance – or a family member having an intolerance.

*Kantar and Mintel 2014

**Research by Kantar Apr 27, 2014