News Releases


23 Apr, 2014

Kellogg Company has announced today that it has agreed a 5-year partnership with the WGO. The partnership will involve the WGO collaborating with Kellogg on new areas of research and working together on educational programs developed to reach health care professionals. One of the first joint projects will be to spread the word about the consequences of inadequate fibre intake across Europe.

The Kellogg Company has been searching for an expert partner and mentor to support the goals of their global team focusing on wheat bran for some time. Jenny Walton, Kellogg European Nutrition Cereal Director, said: “It hasn’t been easy to find a partner with the expertise in digestive health and the global reach we have been looking for; I am thrilled to be working with such a globally renowned group of experts.”


Professor Eamonn Quigley, Chair of the World Gastroenterology Foundation said: “I’m looking forward to working on this partnership, and we hope to work with Kellogg’s team in order to highlight the problems we have with an almost global deficiency of fibre intake. Our focus will be to look deeper into preventing digestive health disorders by increasing cereal fibre intake.”


“Increasing fibre intake has short term benefits, such as relieving digestive discomfort caused by slow digestive transit, and benefits to our long term health. We are going to team up in order to improve research in the area and ensure health professionals are aware of the problem and solutions,” added Jenny.